5 Best Mediterranean Diet Snacks

Nuts and Dried Fruits

Nutrition-rich nuts are filled with fiber, antioxidants, protein, unsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids.

Just a small handful of unsalted nuts (about 2 tablespoons) makes for a satisfying snack. 

Fruits and Vegetables

A little banana is popular snack. But I love a little citrus fruit or a handful of berries for a bright, mood-boosting option.

Tomatoes and avocados are my go-tos when I’m looking for something on the savory side. 

Legumes like Beans and Chickpeas

Legumes and pulses are rich in plant-based protein and fiber and low in fat, so they can help you feel fuller longer.

And if you’re eating the Mediterranean way, you’re likely incorporating legumes and pulses in many of your meals.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is lower in sugar, rich in calcium and vitamin B-12.

It also contains live cultures, or probiotics, that can have a number of health benefits

including regulating digestion and boosting your immune system. And because it’s rich in protein, it will keep you full for longer.

Early Harvest EVOO and Za’atar Snack

This is a bit of an outside-the-box Eastern Mediterranean snack.

It involves excellent extra virgin olive oil, Za’atar—a spice mixture of Mediterranean wild thyme,

and toasted sesame seeds—and a small with a small portion of whole wheat pita or your favorite whole grain crusty bread.

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