6 Best Snacks To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain


Eggs may be top of mind when it comes to breakfast time.

But these nutritional powerhouses can be enjoyed in a variety of ways at any time of day.


Cracking open some pistachios can be a satisfying way to support your weight management goals, according to some data.

Results showed that regular consumption of pistachios for 12 weeks did not cause any increase in body weight or any changes in body composition. 


Prunes are a gut health-supporting food that are naturally chock-full of bone health-supporting nutrients. 

Prunes are a low glycemic index fruit that naturally contains fiber, which are two factors that may help promote satiety during snack time.


The deep red color of pomegranate can make this fruit an already festive choice.

Plus, each pomegranate contains a variety of polyphenol antioxidants, which may help keep your immune health strong during the busy season.

Greek yogurt

Snacking on Greek yogurt may be one step to help keep the holiday weight off. 

The key to avoiding holiday weight gain is to make sure you are consuming protein and fiber-rich meals and snacks most of the time to manage hunger.

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas, as well as other pulses like lentils, have slowly digestible carbohydrates,

high fiber and protein contents, and moderate energy density, which are all key factors to help promote weight loss.

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