6 Best Weight Loss Lunches That Are 400 Calories or Less

Tuna is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fat, which is beneficial for the heart. It is convenient, nutritious, and can serve as the focal point of a meal with minimal preparation.  

Tuna with Avocado and Raisins

Nut butter is an excellent source of fiber and plant-based protein. This is a fantastic option for vegetarians, vegans, and those who prefer low-prep dishes alike. Replace peanut butter with your preferred almond butter. 

Peanut Butter Rice Cakes

Veggie patties are available in a variety of forms, with soy-based burgers generally containing more protein. Another low-crab supper that includes an abundance of vegetables. 

Veggie Burger Spinach Salad

Although chili is a wintertime favorite, its preparation and cooking can take hours. When time is of the essence but a substantial bowl of chili is what you need, this four-ingredient version is an excellent substitute. 

Four-Ingredient Chili

Despite being overlooked as a protein source, canned chicken is incredibly simple to integrate into meals. It is exceptionally lean, enabling you to consume a substantial portion for a relatively low caloric intake. 

Chicken Salad in a Bell Pepper

Although quesadillas are a beloved classic dish, they have a negative reputation for being high in caloric.  


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