6 sandals you shouldn't wear after 60

Sky-High Heels

While high heels can add a touch of glamour, they might not be the most practical choice as we age.

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Thin Flip-Flops

Classic flip-flops may be a go-to for warmer days, but their lack of arch support can lead to discomfort and potential foot issues.

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Overly Strappy Sandals

While strappy sandals can be fashionable, too many thin straps may cause rubbing and discomfort.

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Unsupportive Flats

Flat sandals without proper arch support can contribute to foot fatigue. Look for options with cushioned insoles or built-in arch support.

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Pointy-Toed Styles

Pointy-toed sandals may be chic, but they can cramp your toes and cause discomfort, especially if your feet have changed shape over the years.

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Complicated Fastenings

Sandals with intricate buckles, laces, or straps that require excessive effort to put on or take off may become less practical over time.

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