7 Best Airplane Snacks, According to Dietitians

Beef jerky

Protein is essential to help you get full faster and stay full longer.

Because this essential nutrient can be difficult to travel with, Goodson suggests bringing your favorite beef jerky with you on your next flight.


As a registered dietitian that travels a lot, I'm all about having nutrient-rich snacks in my carry-on bag!

And I love crunch, so some pistachios like Wonderful Pistachios are the perfect snack to have with me.

Homemade trail mix

In addition to helping you avoid the airport convenience stores, saving you time and money, 

making your own trail mix ahead can also ensure you get some health-boosting ingredients as you travel.

Whole fruit

I'm all about eating foods with lots of nutrients to help keep my immune system strong while traveling.

Whole fruits like apples, strawberries, grapes, and bananas provide me with the nutrients to stay healthy and energized when on the go.

Protein bars

If you need a quick protein boost to keep you feeling full,

but aren't a fan of meat-based protein snacks like beef jerky, a protein bar can be a great choice.

Celery and carrot sticks

When I'm taking a plane trip, I will pack sturdier veggies like celery and carrots that I can munch on during my trip.

Vegetables also contain "filling fiber, antioxidants like the beta-carotene in carrots, and water, which helps keep me hydrated during my travels.

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