Apparel Group’s ALDO launches Ramadan campaign featuring Myriam Fares

ALDO, an esteemed brand operating under the Apparel Group umbrella, is a global leader in fashion footwear and accessories. 

The company has recently unveiled its annual Ramadan 2024 Collection campaign, which showcases Myriam Fares, a superstar, an actress, and vocalist from the Middle East.  

The ALDO Ramadan 2024 Collection is comprised of vibrant hues, opulent silvers, and golds, across women's and men's footwear, handbags, and accessories, and features an abundance of elegant statement pieces and opulent jewel finishing touches.  

By featuring ALDO's distinctive Pillow Walk technology prominently in the Ramadan 2024 Collection, the advertising campaign encourages patrons to confidently exhibit their finest selves during this holy month and to embrace their status as trailblazers. 

The majority of the footwear in the Ramadan SS24 Collection is equipped with ALDO's Pillow Walk or Flex technology, which is specifically engineered to deliver comfort while maintaining a fashionable appearance. 

GREY Dubai oversaw the creative and direction of the campaign in conjunction with Wonderful Productions and director and filmmaker Georgette Pascal, as well as photographer Judas Berra.  

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