▢8 – 10 apples ▢8 – 10 skewers/striped straws ▢2 1/2 cups sugar ▢2/3 cup water ▢1/2 cup light corn syrup ▢1/2 tsp black paste food color ▢2 drops cinnamon flavor


Step - 1

Coat parchment paper with cooking spray before placing it on a cookie tray.  

Dry your fruits after washing them. Eight to ten pears will be produced, depending on their size. Skewers and/or variegated straws should be added.  

Step - 2

Combine corn syrup, sugar, and water in a saucepan over medium heat. Slightly stir the mixture until the sugar dissolves and it begins to simmer. Cooking until a candy thermometer registers 300 degrees, 10 to 12 minutes.    

Step - 3

Stir in the cinnamon flavoring and food coloring after removing from heat. Mix thoroughly.  

Step - 4

Rapidly coat each apple in the mixture before placing it on a cookie tray.  

Step - 5

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