Gymnastics World Hype Up Simone Biles for Her Next Milestone – the Olympic Trials

Simone Biles made history once again with her terrific performance at the US Gymnastics Championships. 

She went on to win her ninth title amidst thunderous applause and cheers after having stunned on the floor and vault. Now, the road leads to her final pitstop before she qualifies for the Olympics.

The Olympic trials for the US Gymnastics team are set to take place from June 27-30 in Minneapolis. 

As Biles gears up for the last milestone, she couldn’t help but indulge in some excitement and hype.

She recently posted a series of pictures from the Xfinity US Gymnastics event, where she stunned the crowd with her moves. 

Sporting a huge smile across all the photographs, Biles looked  relaxed and appeared to be enjoying the show.