Kylie Jenner Revamps Naked Dressing With Two Nude Look

Kylie Jenner exhibits a wavering personal style. An influencer experiments with a new look just when it appears she has mastered a particular aesthetic—late last year, it was all-black bodycon, and more recently, it was various iterations of the Mob Wife trend.  

In other situations, it reverts to a tried-and-true hero composition. Today, Kendall Jenner posed in not one, but two nude illusion gowns, accomplishing precisely the latter.  

On Friday, the reality star uploaded to Instagram a pair of bodycon dresses that will be featured in a forthcoming collection by her brand Khy. Both of the dresses are bodycon.  

The inaugural garment was a floor-length maxidress adorned with a crisscross strap detail on the opposite side and a one-shoulder neckline.  

It seems that Kendall Jenner incorporated the ensemble into an island retreat, as she adorned it with a sun-kissed, luminous face mask, an updo on her hair, and a straightforward hairstyle.  

If one naked look wasn’t enough, Jenner also slipped into another—really, a mini-me version of her maxi—later on. This piece followed the exact same silhouette as her longer dress, down to the double-sided shoulder strap, aside from the fact that it cut off just around the mid-thigh area.

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