Kylie Jenner Spotlights Her Curvaceous Derriere in Recent KHY Clothing Brand Photoshoot

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has once again stirred conversation around her figure, following a photoshoot for her fashion label, KHY. Fans are not completely sold on the images, questioning the comfort factor of some of the clothing featured in the upcoming collection.

In light of the upcoming KHY apparel release, Kylie's recent promotional endeavors failed to generate much enthusiasm among her followers. Conversely, her poses engendered admirer apprehension and speculation.  

Kylie disclosed a selection of the latest KHY designs via an Instagram post, which comprised an elegant white dress and an assortment of athletic apparel.  

Kylie disclosed her sartorial inclinations, disclosing that she wears leggings by her own label in a medium size. She further asserts that these leggings have superseded all other brands in her inventory.  

On February 28th, the new KHY collection, designated DROP 004, is anticipated to be available.  

Kylie Jenner’s promotion for the newest KHY collection has inadvertently shifted the focus from the attire to the mogul’s physique, stirring debates about not only her comfort during the shoot but also her candidness regarding cosmetic procedures.

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