Lemon Meringue Pie: Tart and Sweet

Prepare a tangy lemon filling using fresh lemon juice, zest, sugar, and egg yolks for a burst of citrus flavor.

Zesty Lemon Filling

Use a buttery and flaky pie crust, either store-bought or homemade, to provide a delicious base for the lemony goodness.

Buttery Pie Crust

Whip up a fluffy meringue using egg whites and sugar to create a light and airy topping for the pie.

Meringue Topping

Pile the meringue onto the lemon-filled crust, ensuring the edges are sealed. Bake until the meringue peaks turn golden brown, creating a delightful contrast of textures.

Bake and Brown

Allow the pie to cool thoroughly before slicing, ensuring the meringue sets and the flavors meld.

Cooling Stage

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Experience the perfect balance of tartness from the lemon filling and the sweetness from the meringue, creating a harmonious taste sensation.

Tart and Sweet Harmony

For the best results, serve the lemon meringue pie chilled, enhancing the refreshing and satisfying nature of this classic dessert.

Serve Chilled

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