3 tbsp olive oil ▢3 cloves minced garlic minced ▢2- 28 oz crushed tomatoes canned ▢1/4 c fresh basil chopped ▢1/2 tsp dried oregano ▢salt and pepper to taste to taste ▢2 tbsp onion powder ▢2 tbsp tomato paste ▢2 tsp sugar ▢1/2 c water


Step - 1

Olive oil is added to a large saucepan and heated over medium heat. While cooking, saute the garlic until aromatic.  

Include the liquid in both cans of tomatoes that are added. As they cook, break up the tomatoes with a spatula.  

Step - 2

Combine the remaining components. Simmer without the lid, over low heat, for twenty minutes.  

Step - 3

When the fiery sauce reaches the desired consistency, it can be served over pasta or incorporated into the preferred recipe.  

Step - 4

Preserve sauce in the freezer or refrigerator.  

Step - 5

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