Mediterranean Diet Sheet-Pan Dinners Ready in Three Steps or Less

In this expedient Asian salmon recipe, the sauce is utilized in dual capacities—to glaze the salmon and combine with the broccoli.  

Ginger Roasted Salmon & Broccoli  

Allow it to reach room temperature while you prepare the vegetables.  

Sheet-Pan Shrimp Fried Rice  

In addition to being nutritious and delectable, this sheet-pan entrée is straightforward to prepare and tidy up.  

Salmon & Asparagus with Lemon-Garlic Butter Sauce

Harissa, a well-known North African condiment composed of garlic and chilies, imparts a spicy kick to this one-pot lunch.  

Garlic Butter-Roasted Salmon with Potatoes & Asparagu

Using shrimp and vegetables that cook quickly on a single sheet pan allows you to devote more time to your family rather than to the cleanup.  

Sheet-Pan Shrimp Fajita  

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