Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Shake

The Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Shake offers a refreshing twist to the classic cookie dough shake with the addition of cool mint flavor.

Refreshing Indulgence

Indulge in the rich and creamy combination of mint and chocolate, complemented by delightful bits of cookie dough.

Decadent Duo

Experience a satisfying crunch from the cookie dough pieces amidst the smoothness of the shake, creating a delightful textural contrast.

Textural Delight

Perfect for warmer days, the minty freshness adds a cooling sensation to the shake, making it a refreshing treat.

Cooling Sensation

Capturing the essence of mint chocolate chip ice cream, this shake brings a nostalgic and comforting flavor profile.

Nostalgic Flair

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An enjoyable and easy-to-make shake that adds a playful and festive touch to your beverage repertoire.

Fun and Easy

Whether served at parties or enjoyed as a personal treat, the Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Shake is sure to please chocolate and mint enthusiasts alike.


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