1 box chocolate cake mix plus ingredients on back ▢6.6 oz vanilla pudding mix or white chocolate pudding mix ▢3 cups milk ▢2-3 drops creme de menthe syrup or candy flavoring ▢food coloring ▢1 small container cool whip divided ▢1 package oreos ▢15 andes mints chopped


Step - 1

In a 9-by-13-inch pan, begin by preparing the chocolate cake per the instructions on the package.  

Once the item has cooled entirely, cut it into squares measuring 1 to 1 1/2 inches.    

Step - 2

In a large basin, whisk together pudding mix and milk to make mint filling. After combining, incorporate creme DE men-the syrup or flavoring, food coloring, and all of the cool whip except for one cup. Mix thoroughly.  

Step - 3

Compress Oreo's into a gallon bag. A rolling implement is employed to fragment them.  

Step - 4

To initiate the dessert layering process, arrange half of the cake squares in the lower half. Then, combine half of the pulverized Oreos with half of the mint filling.  

Step - 5

The remaining cake squares, mint filling, and Oreos should be added last. Add the remaining cool whip and minced Andes to the top. Chill for one to two hours prior to serving. 

Step - 6

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