▢20 ginger snaps or pumpkin oreos (you can use more if needed) ▢4 oz cream cheese softened ▢1/4 cup butter ▢1/2 cup powdered sugar ▢16 oz cool whip divided ▢3.4 oz package pumpkin instant pudding ▢1 1/2 cups milk ▢white chocolate bar to make curls with (I use vanilla candy coating)


Step - 1

To commence, pulverize the Gingersnaps. To achieve a highly refined amalgamation, grate the cookies in a food processor.  

Align a few tablespoons into the undersides of multiple cups (the exact proportions will vary based on the dimensions of the cups utilized).  

Step - 2

Cream together the butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and one-half of the cool whip in a medium basin. After thoroughly blending, spoon in cookie fragments.  

Step - 3

Combine the instant pudding and milk in a separate bowl to create the pudding. Whisk until a dense pudding forms. Pour over the layer of cream cheese.  

Step - 4

Apply Cool Whip on top. Shaved white chocolate and cookie fragments should be added.  

Step - 5

Preferably serve one hour after restraining.  

Step - 6

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