Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $65 Million: 5 More Worth Over $25 Million USD

1. The $65 Million Bicentennial Quarter

The most valuable of uncommon quarters is a Bicentennial Quarter, which was sold for close to $65 million. This 1976-minted quarter is historical artifact in addition to a piece of currency.  

Due to an uncommon minting error in which this quarter was struck twice, overlapping images are conspicuously apparent to the unaided eye.  

2. The Double-Struck Quarter

Rarely observed, this 1976 Bicentennial Quarter was struck 15% off-center, which is a substantial deviation.  

3. The Off-Center Silver Quarter

Assigning the 'S' mint mark to this quarter would have signified its fabrication at the San Francisco Mint.  

4. The Misprinted ‘No S’ Quarter

The clarity and precision of the steps indicate the mint condition and scarcity of the coin.  

5. The Full-Step Tail Quarter

Finally, the Rainbow Toned Quarter, which is renowned for its distinctive hue, is also appraised at more than $25 million.  

6. The Rainbow Toned Quarter

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