Silent Walking Is the Latest Wellness Trend

What exactly is silent walking?

What separates a silent walk from a regular walk is the conscious absence of technology, friends, and other forms of distraction.

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It's familiar, which is excellent

Walking in silence is as old as humanity, so this wellness trend may last longer than previous fads without substance.

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Here's why quiet walking is trendy

Walking in solitude is not new, but Gen Z, a generation surrounded by technology and constant communication, is drawn to it.

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Significant mental health benefits

There are several ways silent walking may improve mental health by combining physical activity with a distraction detox.

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It's also great for your physical fitness

Silent walking may boost fitness. "Walking, in general, is fantastic for cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and flexibility," White explains.

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Some prefer guided meditation or walking with companions

White acknowledges that for some, distraction-free time with one's thoughts can be "unsettling"—especially in times of high anxiety.

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