Simone Biles Helps Suni Lee After Fall at US Gymnastics Championships as She Returns From Kidney Stones Battle

Reigning Olympic champion, Sunisa Lee had a pole mishap. Thankfully, 9th National title winner Simone Biles was there to help her through the troubles. 

Lee had a rough start, as she lunged for her fault.

Originally, Lee’s schedule looked like this: Pushing off the vault with both hands followed by two twists while in the air. But due to the stumble that made Lee lose her balance on the springboard for a second, landing too far back, she couldn’t complete her double twist in the air, completing just 1½ twists.

Simone Biles, with her keen observation, noted what had happened during Lee’s performance. 

Being a veteran in the field, she could immediately relate to Lee’s situation, hence when Suni, disheartened, started to walk towards the arena tunnel, Biles followed suit. 

What did Simone Biles tell Sunisa Lee? Once in the tunnel, the two Olympians had a quick but deep conversation. Biles confirmed with Lee whether she was feeling “lost” mid-air, and assured her not to overthink the problem.