Simone Biles’ Husband Jonathan Owens Hints at New Investment in Texas Mansion

You need some ways to blow off steam when the entire year requires you to stay on top of your game. For Chicago Bears safety Jonathan Owens, the NFL year is tightly packed with training sessions and high-stakes games.

However, Simone Biles’ husband might have finally found a way to relax and mentally recuperate from the exhaustion.

Golf has long been on Owens’ list of things to learn. In 2018, Jonathan expressed his desire to master the prestigious game, and now it looks like he has found the perfect apparatus to help him master his swings. 

With Biles and her husband toiling for months to build their dream mansion, Owens might also have the necessary space to make things work to his needs.

In his latest Instagram story, Jonathan shared a short video clip of a man playing golf, while being aided by a rather odd-looking device. 

Standing inside a large metal ring, it seems like the thing can be a helpful product for golf connoisseurs to make their swings more effective. Captioned, “Might have to invest,” it looks like the product in the clip has caught Jonathan’s eyes.