Snacking Habits Secretly Increasing Your Belly Fat

First and foremost, snacking on candy that's jam-packed with sugar is a major no-no and simply gives your body empty calories.

Candy is also linked to high blood sugar. Consuming too many calories—from candy, for example—without having any fiber,

healthy fats, or protein to keep you full can lead to accumulating belly fat.

This leads us to our next point: You aren't consuming healthy fats or protein with your snacks. 

The satiated feeling you get after enjoying a meal or a snack can stop you from overeating.

And two macros—healthy fats and protein—can help promote satiety," Manaker tells us. 

So pair a high-carb snack with a nut butter, which is a stellar source of healthy fats and protein. 

Next up, add sugary sodas to your "stay far away from" list pronto. "Even if you are eating healthy and balanced snacks

if you are washing it down with a sugary soda, you may experience trouble reducing your belly fat,

Sugary soda can contribute to consuming excessive calories without even realizing it.

Last but not least, you aren't enjoying snacks that have probiotics. "Your gut health can impact your belly fat and weight,

and not consuming enough foods with probiotics, like yogurt, kefir, and kimchi can have a negative impact on that aspect of your health.

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