▢mini graham cracker pie crusts ▢3.9 oz box of chocolate pudding ▢2 c milk ▢1 c crushed Oreos ▢red hots or any other red candy ▢black licorice rope/wheels (we used Haribo licorice wheels)


Step - 1

Prepare pudding according to the package's instructions.  

Chocolate pudding is poured into mini pie crusts.  

Step - 2

As the pudding sets in the refrigerator, use a Ziploc bag to pulverize the Oreos. Cut licorice wheels to a length of approximately 2.5 inches (eight are required per pie).  

Step - 3

Eliminate the pudding and garnish each pie with pulverized Oreos, licorice for the legs, and three red hots.  

Step - 4

Insert the skeleton and stuff it with pulverized Oreos and additional pudding. Incorporate a marshmallow pumpkin for an ideal finishing touch.  

Step - 5

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