1 package Tortellini ▢4 lbs Top sirloin or your favorite meat ▢Romaine Lettuce chopped Pesto Dressing ▢1/2 cup buttermilk ▢1/3 cup mayonnaise ▢1/3 cup sour cream ▢2 tbsp parmesan cheese ▢3 tbsp pesto (adjust for taste)


Step - 1

Marinate meat in your preferred marinade for the night. You are free to substitute steak or any other form of meat. We used prime sirloin because it is inexpensive and marinates overnight to a delicious flavor.  

Cook tortellini per the instructions on the package.  

Step - 2

Cut the sirloin and grill it to the desired doneness. Prepare meat in the form of tiny slices and reserve.  

Step - 3

Combine the components of the dressing in a small basin.  

Step - 4

Add tortellini to salad. Top with steak and dressing. So delicious!

Step - 5

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