1 box white cake mix plus ingredients on back (or shortcake or Angel Food Cake) ▢48 strawberries ▢5 cubes vanilla candy coating ▢16 skewers


Step - 1

To commence, proceed with the preparation of Cake as specified on the reverse side of the package. We baked them in an 11-by-16-inch pan to prevent the cake portions from being overly large.  

Once the cake has cooled and been prepared, slice it into 1½-inch squares. After rinsing strawberries, remove the stems.  

Step - 2

Placing the strawberries at the end of the skewers will ensure that the cake portions and strawberries remain on the skewers. Spread across parchment paper.  

Step - 3

A few candy coating squares melted in a small saucepan over moderate heat will result in the coating melting. Constantly stir the mixture until liquefied.  

Step - 4

White chocolate should be drizzled over the skewers. Refrigerate for thirty minutes. GREATLY ENJOY!  

Step - 5

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