Taylor Swift announces new song 'The Albatross' on 'Tortured Poets' album

A 2016 interview between Travis Kelce and AfterBuzz TV that has only recently surfaced is currently generating internet-wide attention. Due to Travis's remarks at the time, the interview has achieved viral status.  

The acronym 'FMK' Travis denotes the following: murder, marry, and kiss. "FMK" originally stood for "f**k, marry, and kill." Kelce was presented with the following three choices: Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift.  

He was left with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry subsequent to downsizing Ariana Grande to 'Kill'. Travis abandoned his intention to "kiss" Taylor Swift in favor of "marrying" Katy Perry.  

Fortunately, this is an old statement, as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift had a significant dispute at the time.  

Travis Kelce is presently in Australia, where she is in the company of Taylor Swift, her significant other.  

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