What fruits are good for weight loss?


It may be a healthy snack before main meals to help reduce your overall food intake.


Apples are low in calories, high in fiber, and very filling. Studies indicate that they may support weight loss.


They also may have positive effects on cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and inflammation.

Stone fruits

Stone fruits like peaches, nectarines, and plums make for a low calorie, seasonal snack. 

Passion fruit

Passion fruit is a low calorie, high fiber fruit that may benefit blood pressure and insulin sensitivity, potentially making it ideal for weight loss.


Rhubarb, which is low in calories and high in fiber, may aid weight loss, and could help lower cholesterol.


Kiwifruits are highly nutritious and provide a range of health benefits. Their high fiber and low calorie content make them ideal for weight loss.


Melons are very low in calories and have a high water content, which may help support weight loss and keep you hydrated.


Oranges are high in vitamin C and fiber. They can help keep you feeling full, which may support weight loss.


Bananas’ ample nutrients and fiber make them an ideal part of a healthy weight loss plan.


People who eat avocados tend to weigh less than people who do not.

Despite their high fat content, avocados may help promote weight loss and weight maintenance.

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