Why 3,867 Steps a Day Is Enough

Walking can reduce your mortality risk

To understand the benefits of regular walking, the ESC conducted a meta-analysis of 17 different studies which included data from 226,889 study subjects from around the world.

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Here's why it helps

The CDC advises 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week, but whatever activity you can commit to can enhance your health.

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Just around 4,000 steps per day reduces mortality

The ESC research examined the wider advantages of walking and the threshold at which persons saw a significant decrease in all-cause mortality risk.

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There's no upper limit to the benefits

While 4,000 steps came with clear benefits, many experts agree that setting your step goals even higher is a worthwhile challenge.

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Start small and build from there

In recent months, you may have seen videos of group exercise sessions with mini-trampolines on social media.

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